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Masterline Brown Tenkara Line

Masterline is Sakura's own fishing line, and it's very unique - It is a tapered, nylon braided line that is modeled after the oldest and most traditional japanese fishing lines. They are made in pre-cut lengths designed for Tenkara rods, with a pre-tied lilian, making them ready to fish right out of the box. 

When using these lines, soak them in water first, as this activates the line, making it softer and allowing it to stretch and flex as you fish, giving it a natural and old-school feel. 

The "Brown" color is designed for anglers looking for a more stealthy approach, with the darker color believed to be less frightening to the more cautious fish. 

These are available in five lengths: 3, 3.3, 3.6, 3.9, and 4.5 meters. Shorter is better for shorter rods or fishing in tight spaces, longer is better for longer rods or anglers looking for more reach.

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