• Kongo Tenkara Rod - Space Camp
  • Kongo Tenkara Rod - Space Camp
  • Kongo Tenkara Rod - Space Camp
  • Kongo Tenkara Rod - Space Camp
  • Kongo Tenkara Rod - Space Camp

Kongo Tenkara Rod


TENKARA LEVEL: 1 - Perfect for beginners as well as advanced anglers. 

A small rod with a closing size of 14.5 in / 37cm, it is extremely portable, and utilizes a super slim and lightweight construction. It has a supple yet firm swing, and its unique rigidity reduces the risk of breakage, making it powerful enough to withstand the pull of even a large rainbow trout.

The styling is based on a traditional and antique Japanese design, with gold steps and a dark brown / red body coating.

The uniquely shaped cork grip sticks to your hand and is easy to hold, making it superior to handle and to enjoy a light-feeling swing.

CATCH: Small to medium fish

ENVIRONMENT: Lake, river, stream, ocean

CLOSED SIZE:  14.5" / 37cm 

LENGTH: Select a length based on your height and terrain. 


COLOR: Dark red/brown with gold steps

STYLE: Traditional Japanese Tenkara

All Sakura rods are handmade in Japan. Sakura was founded in 1888, and even though the business was washed away twice by the same Edogawa river he fished from,  Great-grandfather Jisaburo Sakurai persevered and went on to become the inventor of now-standard fishing rods and techniques used worldwide. Nowadays, Sakura stands as a shining example of Japanese craftsmanship and the joy of sharing Japanese traditions like Tenkara with all who seek them out. 

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