• Bougie Apothicaire Petite - Space Camp
  • Bougie Apothicaire Petite - Space Camp

MAD et LEN - Bougie Apothicaire Petite - Candle

All MAD et LEN candles are handmade in the Franch Alpes using 100% soy wax, natural botanical extracts, and cotton braided wicks. The containers are handmade fumé blackened iron, and no two are the same.

NET WT. 300g 



AMBRE NOBILE - amber, musk, crystallized resin tears, benzoin 

ASPHALTE ROSE - white rose petals and stems, iris, dry pavement, honey

BLACK AFGHAN - frozen pine, fossilized amber, old burned wood 

BLACK CHAMPAKA - champaka leaf, benzoin resin, powder, and balmy resins

BLACK UDDÙ - leather, floral bouquet, amber

BOTANIKA - muguet (lily of the valley), herbal, musk 

CYPRES DE MAX - cedar, cypress, mandarin tree 

DARKWOOD - ebony wood, smoky, leather, fougere 

FIGUE NOIRE - wild fig tree, damp earth 

GRAPHITE - graphite, chalk, woods 

LILI NEROLI - neroli, floral, honey, grass, herbal, orange flower 

NIGHT SOUK - warm incense, fruity, floral 

PETITS PAPIER - Volute of Belleville Burning Petits Papiers, benzoin, and balmy resins - (name means: "SCENTED LITTLE PAPERS")

SANG BLEU - blackcurrant, rose Damascus 

SPIRITUELLE - mint, basil, orange blossom, wormwood 

TERRE NOIRE - black soil, mineral, petrified pine, aged oak 

VETYVER BUCOLIQUE - vetiver, tobacco, black honey

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